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ARTEO Premium Waterproof Laminate Flooring

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Choose unlimited freedom  and top quality in flooring too!

Splashing, spilled water - this is no longer a problem with the ARTEO floor. The real water resistance of our panels tames the water in every room. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room - water is no longer an issue.

We have further developed our innovative click system. While maintaining its simplicity and quick installation,
we focused on forming an effective barrier against large amounts of water. Thanks to this, we have achieved an extremely effective 24-hour water resistance, which has been confirmed by the most reliable and demanding tests carried out according to the guidelines of NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association). ARTEO floors with a megaloc aqua protect system passed all tests excellently. ARTEO is proven to be waterproof.


ARTEO® laminate flooring comes to life from the meeting of art and technology.
It embodies originality and master quality.
Combined with state-of-the-art technology, it offers unlimited freedom for creativity and elevates flooring to an artistic level.


100% waterproof

Megaloc aqua protect provides perfect protection, preventing water from entering the gaps in the floor, thus providing complete water resistance.


High abrasion resistance

Thanks to the AC5 rating, it can even be stored in busy offices and restaurants.


Blue angel rating

Blue Angel. The original. The first and most successful environmental label in the world. German quality.


Also for underfloor heating

The tiles do not emit harmful substances and can be used for any underfloor heating.


Built-in joint

The special fit guarantees that water will not leak into the system, thus forming a watertight layer.



The surface of the Arteo tiles is synchronized, resembling a real wooden floor.

Accessories for ARTEO flooring

This makes the system completely waterproof


Green Prestige 

Color-matched skirting board specially developed for Arteo's waterproof collection


Expansion joint sealant

A necessary element of the installation, it reduces the amount of silicone used. 


Silicone sealant

To seal the top edge of the floor.

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