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Shaking Hands

Become a reseller!



A simple and effective form of online commerce that allows you to:
You do not have to keep stock, your customers' order is stored, assembled and delivered directly by Bau Dekor, but the purchase price is paid to you!


B2C web store

Focus only on sales!
We provide a turnkey web store without any restrictions!
Tailored to your needs, with your own image and all Bau Dekor products, but of course you can upload other products at any time.

My image + Bau Dekor products + Full web store = Sales


Product sample

Do your customers want to see if the cladding would fit in their home?

Order up to 5 types of samples from us through your web store and we will send you a coupon worth HUF 2,500, so your sample package purchase will be completely free.


Virtual professional help

Helps the buyer choose + calculates everything = Helps both the seller and the buyer

A revolutionary solution that accompanies the customer from the selection to the order through the entire process of the cladding and additional purchase.

We calculate from what quantity is required and the recommended product can already be ordered.


Online marketing support

Conquering the online market works without marketing, but we will help you with that too!

We provide 1 hour of free advice and a complete marketing curriculum for new web store owners.

Feel free to contact us for more details!

Feel free to contact us for more details!

We've received your message, and a colleague will contact you shortly.

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