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ProfiFloor floor mats

Don't lose energy or the floor guarantee!

Floor mats, which are already widespread in Europe, have a number of advantages over the now-obsolete foam film used exclusively today.  ProfiFloor has become the domestic market leader in the floor mat product range. The highest density products in its category are produced by ProfiFloor. Taking special care to sell the best possible, high-quality products tested exclusively in the laboratory to its customers.  It's not a coincidence! Only ProfiFloor offers an ETERNAL WARRANTY on the market .


Laminált padlóhoz

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SPC burkolathoz

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Our warranty on laminate flooring will not be void.

Cost effectiveness


Significant energy costs can be saved with them.



High quality, high load capacity.

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Key information

ProfiFloor underlays can be used not only for laminate and wood floors, but also for LVT and carpet floor coverings.


Some models also have a built-in vapor barrier foil and can be laid out faster and more cheaply in a puzzle system.  


Other types eliminate costly subfloor leveling and are also ideal for basements.


Moreover, they have a soundproofing effect. So by buying a floor mat, we do not lose energy or a floor guarantee.

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Which one to choose?

  • In the case of underfloor heating a  With ProfiFloor Extreme we get top quality in all technical parameters, this product knows even multiples of the values of quality washers, and it also contains only renewable materials.

  • THE  ProfiFloor 5mm XPS  it is unbeatable in terms of value for money on the market and is an excellent solution for conventional heating, in addition it saves up to 4mm on the cost of leveling the floor and also helps to insulate the basements.

  • The other members of the ProfiFloor floor mat family bring the expected quality at an even better price, and in many cases they provide the optimal solution.


Download our Floor Mat Smart!

Today, in developed countries, only special washers are installed under the warm coverings, and the use of foam film has completely disappeared. Not only is it not "appropriate" to put foam foil in a modern apartment, but it usually loses the buyer's warranty on the floor.


However, it’s not easy to find your way around products from a wider range of manufacturers, so if you’re about to build or renovate, you might want to read this little one.


Good to know: the price of the floor mats pays for itself after a year and a half, and then they "bring the money". *

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You are sure to get answers to these questions:

  • What types of floor mats are there?

  • What other functions does the floor mat have to fulfill?

  • How can we tell which quality floor mats and which less?

  • What are the typical mistakes that can be made when laying laminate flooring when laying laminate flooring and how can this be avoided?

  • Which manufacturer should I choose, what are the good brands?

  • Will the higher price pay for floor mats?  

  • How does the investment pay off?

* For ProfiFloor Extreme floor mats

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