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Skirting boards

The style lies in the details

Skirting is a detail that not everyone pays attention to. Yet it is an extremely important detail of a beautiful floor and can also serve a practical function. One of the domestic leaders in the market is ProfiFloor, which offers its customers the most quality and outstanding products in its category. Products made in Europe can only be placed on the market after rigorous laboratory testing.


Key information

A good skirting board provides perfect coverage, thus hiding the fastening elements and expansion joints (the gap that occurs at the junction of different types and therefore other thermally expanded materials).


The BauDekor ProfiFloor brand currently offers the widest selection of MDF and plastic based skirting boards in the country.


ProfiFloor offers a particularly wide range of products in the white skirting board market and even products with a double lacquer coating, but its traditional patterned and minimal skirting boards are also available in high quality, large selection and at an affordable price.


Which one to choose?

  • PVC skirting boards are almost predominant in Europe because they are now very similar in shape, color and color to wood skirting boards and do not compete in terms of technical parameters.


  •   Extremely durable, with large cable duct skirting boards that maintain good quality in the corners.

  • BauDekor offers products with convincing technical properties in this field in high quality, outstanding selection and fast delivery.


Download our Skirting Wise Wizard!

A good skirting board should do its job as perfectly as possible: the expansion gap between the laminate floor and the wall should not be visible, and it should make the room even more beautiful.

The skirting board will be beautiful if it fits perfectly on the wall or floor. It is very important that the fixation is not visible because it greatly degrades the overall picture. This is possible by gluing the skirting boards or using fastening clips.

You are sure to get answers to these questions:

  • What other functions does it perform, what other important aspects does the skirting board have to meet?

  • How can we tell which quality skirting board and which is less?

  • Based on which to choose a skirting board, what aspects to consider?

  • What pitfalls lurk in us when buying skirting boards to avoid these?

  • Is it worth the slightly higher price for skirting boards?

  • How does the investment pay off?

  • Can I ask myself or ask a professional for help?

  • What should I look for if a professional asks me?

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