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WPC cladding

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Our ProfiTrend WPC outdoor coverings are now available!

We recommend our fibrous solution especially for covering terraces and fences!

Available colors: dark gray, light gray, reddish brown, dark brown.

Additional product dimensions: 3 meter slats, 150 mm x 22 mm

Why choose our carefree WPC product?


Environmentally friendly

UV resistant, emission and radiation free, excellent for outdoor use.



It is characterized by strong temperature resistance, frost resistance, does not warp, does not crack or rot, is resistant to fungus, has an extremely low fading index and is moisture resistant. You don't have to waste any more time renovating, painting and caring.



Shockproof; it does not crack like wood, it does not separate in layers, it can withstand heavier objects, it is durable, it does not require surface treatment.



Our WPC decking is 100% recyclable, which is why it is an environmentally friendly product.


It's easy to put down

Easy to install, can be laid down several times, requires no expertise to remove, is sawn, easy to install, is the perfect choice for gates and stair railings. Can be stacked horizontally or vertically.


Color selection

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